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Anyone notice how there is a lack of kinah in-game? But you need kinah to get items to get fighting fragments and such, there arent any good events to give items worth selling on broker to make kinah and broker fee is so dam heavy, I'm running in the red for kinah even if I sit and try to farm ancient kibs it's not enough to help me get the items I need to make gears to break down to get fighting fragments, kinda missing 5.8 because it was so much easier to make kinah but now ?????? ahh maybe I'm just the only one  struggling. Sleep time now

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Kinah is much harder to come by this patch, Deli.

I would suggest running FM and BoS with a whole group of people that don't need that gear and dividing up the drops to just sell. Farming kibs, as you mentioned is good. You can run cruci spire and get the manastones and sell them. When you run PF and IDD, make sure your group is doing "get one and pass" so that everyone is ending up with purples to sell. And make sure that you get the kinah bundles every time they are up on your luna crafting.

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Kinah us insane now, changing specs kills me, I'm so low on kinah now that earlier this week I removed chain of suffering to dual servant my cleric, had to grind mobs to get enough kinah to socket my healing servant

For the pandora quests I had to run mirash just to sell the crap from the chest to buy the pandora scrolls, really glad I spent a lot of time mastering all crafts(barring wep smithing) cos that was my money maker, and afk crafting scrolls/jellies, now have to grind mobs just to get xform potions, really handy popping one item for heal boost, casting speed and run speed when I'm standing still in an instance healing


The old scroll system was an inventory filler but was more situational

/Tangent over


Yeah stuff needs to either be made cheaper or make kinah easier to obtain


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