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Silencing Strike Effect Duration bug during PvP


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I want to let you know that i tried too many times this new skill from this patch 6.7 and i found out we have a Bug when you are using it At Pvp.

Silencing Strike for Ranger has a effect duration from 6-8 seconds BUT in PVP it only last 1 second. When using on Mobs its all right.

Link from PVP:


Link from PVE:




Thank you, i hope you can solve this bug.


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But is doesnt make any sense, a Silence skill that last 1 second on PVP? Besides, the idea of using this skill its because it cant be removed in those 6 or 8 seconds, it is common sense.

It must be bug or something, it wouldnt be worthy if it last 1 second and cant be removed or dispelled LOL if it only last 1 second theres no need.

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