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Returning player with some er questions


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Hello o/

So I am curious, about some stuff.  I am a returning player first of all, stopped for like 2 years or so, and I feel I need to catch up on this.  

1.  Kinah making:

What are the ways to farm kinah in this patch? can we still sell Omegas and temperings? do we still sell event items for kinah or are there alternate ways?  how is it when selling aetherforged items? is is still good prices like as it was sold before 6.x?

2.  Obtaining gear sets

what is the general duration in obtaining legendary sets and ultimate sets? Which instances should I go to for the best sets? and which instance should I start with before I go for the strongest instance? What gears should I be having before I attempt the strongest instance?

3.  Aetherforging

How long does it take to aetherforge the legendary equipment I heard about that was coming for 6.x when I was playing during 5.x? 

A bundle of questions I know, thanks for your time^^;

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1. If you have Temperings and Omegas, you can sell them for extra kinah, or you can trade them for the PvP/PvE enchantment stones in capital cities. Overall making kinah (at least here on NA) is difficult and your only way to make it "fast" would be through Luna craft, you can get between 5m to 20m kinah I believe, but it's kinda expensive so you gotta be lucky.

2. Regarding PvE, you just do instances in a specific order. Mirash/Coe > FM/BoS > IDD/PF. For PvP, you can either craft it (which is second best in game atm) but it's expensive or buy from the NPCs in Lakrum and upgrade it to next grade with some mats (first best).

3. I heard it's longer than back in 5.x and expensive for that matter too. You don't want to craft the PvE gears unless it's just for skins.

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You can also grind out a PvE legendary armor set in a few days if you have 100+ aetherforging and the will to grind your face off with a fine cheese grater.

You get starter PvE/PvP gear from the initial quests in Lakrum. From there, do Mirash Sanctum (still solo) for accessories and the old skafir/arcanus(?) skinned wings. CoE is three man, ez, and where you get ancient armor, weps, and moar accs, and your first daevanion skill box.


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