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Gaps inbetween Gear Sets (Power)

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Lets think if every fight was a 1v1 duel.

How large are the gaps between:

GS Tier 1 , Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 1 crafter PvP Gear?

Are maxed Tier 1 GS Nuking Tier 2 GS?


Edit. What other factors play a big role and by how much, ex. if Stigmas are maxed, daeva skills, xforms?

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I think that you are referring to Ancient, Legendary and Ultimate tiers? If so, yes, one crushes the other. There is no chance to win a fight against someone that has the entire gear one tier above you, unless they are absolutely garbage. I meant it for real. The gear gap is so ridiculous that someone in Ultimate tier can fight 6 or more players in Ancient gear and win, or at very least never die. Most likely you are going to win.

There will be a different name when 7.0 arrives and the Ancient, Legendary and Ultimate gears will have Tier 1 and 2. Be carefull when spelling that.

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In reality right now, if you start from scratch and at least have prestige, you will have a full legendary set very quickly, even faster if you thown in crafted pieces, but that can be tricky. So ancient gear is not a problem, at least not much.

The real problem here for you is that is hard to go from legendary to ultimate, and after that you will need to get a decent amount of random statuses, which will also cost a lot of kinah or real money. Ultimate gear is very very powerful, and a good chunk of that power comes from those random status. Also, it cost of lot of kinah to enchant and socket the ultimate gear. You will have to take your time anyway, unless you have tons of cash.

Another problem there was in the beginning of 6.0 here in NA is that people who started from zero, had problems going from ancient to legendary for months due to low enchant rates and lack of legendary stones ingame.

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