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The story of Atreia: Stella Industry and the mysterious Inanna


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Name: Inanna, aka Ishtar (named after the Sumerian goddess, the patroness of crops, fertility and love).

Height: 160 cm 

Weight: 48 kg 
Appearance: A thin girl with dark hair, eyes of different colors: one is golden, the other is purple 
Character: seems innocent and indecisive, speaks little and with care, is patient and has firm will power.

The girl was born a mutant: a half-dragon-half-man. Information about her parents no. Inanna is the only one who managed to survive and hatch from laying eggs laid by an unknown drama. The girl was born fragile and weak, she spent all her childhood as an outcast, oppressed by other Balaur, and several times was on the verge of death. 

In adolescence, Inanna was given slavery to one of the Balaur groups, which was called Matara. At the head of this group were the Tiamat drakan, who survived the death of their master. Here the girl was treated especially cruelly.

Practically losing the meaning of existence, Inanna met a Shigo named Benirung, who was as outcast as herself. Both are firmly attached to each other through mutual understanding and kindred feelings.

In an effort to gain fame and fortune, Benirung commits theft from Matara, but comes across and hangs in the balance from death. Inanna wants to protect her only friend, but the Balaur decide to kill them both. Sensing the danger of death, without even realizing it, the girl absorbs the power of the Lord of the Balaur from the artifact Tiamat, which is kept by Matara. The result is a powerful explosion that destroys enemies who wish to harm Inanna and Benirungu. Together, friends subdue the remnants of the army of Tiamat and make these Balaur their slaves.

On this day, Inanna realized for the first time that she had a special gift. The girl discovered the ability to accumulate and absorb someone else's power, as well as change the appearance. So she was able to change the appearance of a mutant to a human. The best friend Benirung praised her and called Inanna's strength a talent, a gift of fate.

Here the official file is cut off and on the back of the scroll, Atrei's researcher finds notes made by someone by hand:

After defeating Eriskal, the Pandora organization suggested that I go to the development of new lands called Damora and join the Stella Industry. As it turned out, Pandora is only a subsidiary of a huge corporation. On the first day I was instructed to find out the plans of the so-called Iron Legion. It is rumored that these Balaur are looking for a relic and therefore constantly attack our allies.

During the assignment, I was able to observe an amazing battle: a fragile girl easily defeated a whole detachment of Balaur warriors. At first it seemed to me that this was only a fleeting meeting, but soon our paths crossed again.

It turned out that the girl’s name is Inanna and she has a strong hostility towards the Balaur, so we decided to unite to achieve common goals. As it turned out, Inanna is in fact a Balaur mutant who is oppressed by her relatives.

During the next battle with the enemies, Inanna received a magic blow from the artifact of enormous strength and her mind began to separate from the body. It was impossible to leave the girl in such a dangerous position, so I had to penetrate her subconscious. It was here that I discovered Inanna’s memoirs, in which a half-man-semi-palaur is being tormented by dracanes. Because of past offenses, Inanna hates the Balaur, even though they are her relatives. I managed to find the girl’s consciousness among these memories and return, and as a result of the incident, Inanna began to trust me. 

In the future, Inanna herself showed interest in me, seeing how I help the weak who find themselves in a difficult situation. Our friendship gradually strengthened, once the girl got me out of trouble. But unfortunately, fate forces us to go in different ways.

Name: Benirung 
Appearance: small young Shigo 
Character: easily calculates the benefits, ambitious, tends to wealth and fame 
Notes: uses a huge robot

Few people can believe that the founder of the company "Stella Industry", Shigo named Benirung, in his youth was known as a visionary, capable only of telling tales. Benirung was born in a wealthy family, but his father’s and his brother’s business went bankrupt and the family was left penniless. However, young Benirung did not lose hope and repeated to everyone that in the future things would definitely go uphill. Surrounding did not pay attention to his talk about success, because these were just words. Shego missed the luxurious past, but did not lose heart and spun among the Balaur, quietly waiting for his chance.

One day Benirung heard a rumor about "the power hidden by the remnants of the army of Tiamat." Shego immediately decided to steal this thing in order to sell it and improve its financial situation. He attached himself to "Matar" - an organization that was created by the allies of Tiamat after the death of his master. It turned out that “power” is not a thing or an artifact at all, but a mysterious girl named Inanna.

Inanna was a rare creature: a half-half-man. She listened with interest to Benurung's dreams and saw their common goals in shigo. He stole atrefakty army Tiamat, but once caught. Inanna did not throw a new friend in trouble and swallowed the power of other Balaur to save him. After this incident, Benirung began to make his own plans for her account. He intuitively felt that it was worth investing in this Balaur girl and offered to help her awaken her true nature.

This is where the story "Stella Industry" began.

Benirung understood that for the rebirth of Inanna a greater power would be needed than the artifact of Tiamat. He needs to find and get as many of these artifacts as possible in order to feed the girl with force. With the help of Inanna, Benirung subjugated the organization "Matara" and began to search for various artifacts of the Balaur and their lords. Gradually, with the help of money and power, Inanna Benirung subjugated other organizations as well.

Time passed, and Benirung found several scientists who could greatly help in achieving his goals. In a short period, thanks to closed trials and developments, they received a sample amplifier that can magically increase the power of anyone who accepts it. The official name of the power amplifier secured "Naki VI". After five unsuccessful attempts, the sixth version of the product turned out to be successful, but rumor has it that Benurung hid a hint at his true plans in this number. Energetic gained great popularity, and Stella Industry gradually became a corporation with huge capital.

The first batches of Naki VI were issued free of charge, but the drug had an extremely unpleasant side effect - the emergence of dependence. As part of the energy industry, there was a substance synthesized from the power of the Balaur, which forced the one who took Naki VI to seek a new dose of an amplifier. All you had to do was try a drug once and you want to possess this power again, going to Stella Industry for another dose.

Benirung succeeded in all his endeavors, his company flourished and began to engage in all new industries. Thanks to the many branches, the structure of the corporation is confusing and very few people know about who actually is the head of Stella Industry, and even more so about the real plans of Benirung. That is what Shigo wanted. Strengthening information support and increasing the ranks of the staff, he wants to quickly awaken the new lady Balaur. He conceived of using Elyos and Asmodians to contain the resistance of other Balaur.

In order to achieve the goal, Benirung used all methods and means, some of which were criminal at all. The more Benurung’s company grew, the more greedy it became. Over time, he forgets about Inanna’s friendship and trust and only uses the girl on his way to world domination. Unfortunately, almost no one knows the true nature of this shigo. Externally, "Stella Industry" looks very progressive and attractive company. There is no racial discrimination, the company provides a chance to anyone and works under the motto “How you work, they treat you like that.”

Thanks to google translate and https://aiondb.ru/news/430.html :D


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Never mind the halfbreed Mary Sue with superpowers and heterochromia. The character we should REALLY be getting a story about is this one:

11 hours ago, Neleth-KT said:

The girl was born a mutant: a half-dragon-half-man. Information about her parents no. Inanna is the only one who managed to survive and hatch from laying eggs laid by an unknown drama.

A man presumably slept with a DRAMATA. Here's a famous example of a dramata, Padmarashka:


According to the game, dramatas are Balaur that tried real hard but failed to ascend, and now just loaf around and lay eggs all willy nilly.


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