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Enchanting rate fixed?????

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Still kind if mind hazed here..... over 53 Legendary PVP Stones to get a Ultimate piece from +5 to +6?????? and the

strange thing is it never went over +7; Ultimate stones failing like crazy to, so I think you guy need to revise these issue

again I think.. a lot of other players having the same problem with these.

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Man, that's a tough pill to swallow. Kinda makes ya think , "What the hell am I doing with my life? Just wasted a whole week for nothing." It's terrible that they do this to people. I can see if people lived for a thousand years they would have time for this mess. But people live less than 100 years. You don't have time to play games like that. Biologically. Aion is such an Old , outdated game, terrible customization, Bugs everywhere, Pay to win garbage. They should just let people gear up easy so they can all have fun fighting with equally strong gear so at least you know when you lose you lost because they other guy was better than you at the game. Not because he threw more money at it than you did. These aren't games to me.

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