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SW : Do you use instantly or low cast time skills before charge one ?


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Is silence and  slow worth to use in pve rotation ? or better switch to charge skill powerful one such as frog and unicorn ?

I'm leaning to slow and silence cause it's instant btw I'm using no attack speed gears since I think pve attack and stats > attack speed I'm not notice it that much when I using it in pve.

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In PvE I go by cooldown rotation.

Usually start off with Song of Ice/Fire/Thronesong.  This because of the increased damage buff for 30 sec Thronesong gives.

Then the other 3 chain one, though I prefer it because it doesn't have a cast time and can be done on the run.

Then the double delay and 1-2 something else.

That's my basic rotation.

Paean of Pain is in the first rotation (after the double 3-chain, before the double delayeds).

Then the 1-min cooldown full charge. (aka "Unicorn") to get my heaviest hitter deployed quick. (I don't do full dps spec so I don't have Treble Cleave, let alone Blazing Requiem (AKA Frog).

Then the 2 3-chain+delays again.  Then usually manage to fit in the 2 30-sec CD charges (Harpist Pod (AKA dolphins)), and the other one.

3rd rotation of the 2 3-chain+delays.

Then I start firing off miscellaneous stuff like the silence and sonic gust (knockback) and whatnot.

The 1 sec cast, 2 sec delay most basic attack skill is the absolute last thing I try casting.


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I start with:

  1. refreshing melody/rejuvenating aria (Increased attack speed + Damage dealt IF you have the archdaeva version)
  2. Song of Ice chain to thronesong (Increased attacks)
  3. Syncopated Echo chain
  4. Stinging note
  5. paean of pain
  6. Blazing requiem (Full charge)
  7. Fiery requiem (Full charge)
  8. Treble (By now your attack speed buff should of worn off or you have few secs left on it)
  9. Bright Strike chain

Dots again if they're off CD (Always always pop them as soon as they come off CD!)
after this go with whatever you feel like, charge skills that are left OR use adagio (Slow) and quaver (Silence) As filler spells since they do damage, i usually go with charges as they have a longer CD than the other 2 and use them for the 2nd time around,
some SW's also use pulse between every skill, you can do that too but I only use it as a filler/"Weaving" skill so I don't ran out of skills to pop for a while

Also I honestly, STRONGLY, recommend getting attack speed fuse on harp, and if you can, get attack speed gloves (sophisticated) but that one isn't as important as the attack speed fuse on harp! This lets you get your chains off faster + reduce animation time = more DPS for you

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I'm going to comment on silence and slow dmg skills,they're useless better weave urself with pulse.

As for attack speed gloves and harp I'm not rich enough to buy them and I'm kinda happy enough with attack speed scrolls only for normal mobs as for boss we got SoD or WoW to boost that.


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