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Firewall throwing up cloudfront as trojan malware

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Hey guys,


So I was thinking of coming back after a few months break. I had my files moved out of C drive which was my ssd to save space. Since moving them back to the install folder and hitting the update button, the launcher triggered my firewall. Apparently the launcher was trying to download from [http] dljhv20e50fab.cloudfront.net/AION/225/Patch/Zip/bin32/CryFont.dll.zip//CryFont.dll

Of course the updater couldn't progress any further, hence why I'm stuck.


So the first thing I did was google what cloudfront.net is exactly. Results were that I didn't like what I've found. Most websites suggest it was bad, some just say it's another data distribution company from amazon. Support hasn't helped, they just ignored my request for an alternative mirror/ftp yesterday.

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Not saying this to be dismissive of your concerns, but I do think you're making mountains of molehills.

Everyone that's currently playing likely got their files from the same CDN. If it was compromised and changed to reroute to malicious files, we all have it (highly unlikely). What's more likely is that your firewall is being overzealous and throwing false positives or you downloaded something malicious that is causing the reroute (doubtful that you'd get anything that would target NC files specifically).

Temporarily disable your firewall and let the launcher do its thing. If you want to take extra precautions, make a backup before doing the update, sandbox it, or run it on a VM. At worst, you screw your system and have to take a few hours of your day to get back to your original starting point. Odds are, you'll be able to play again.

It's unlikely they're going to change CDNs unless they're getting tons of people reporting the same issue, and thus far, it seems like it's just you.

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