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Seasonal Trees/Shugos


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Here are the timers for the shugos, based on in-game time.

NOMAD SHUGOS - Elyos (Asmodian)
[Feb 15-17] - Elroco Hill Village (Shepherd's Peak)
[Mar 15-17] - Goldendell Village (Silver Tree Village)
[May 15-17] - Vibrant Garden Village (Golden Sunset)
[Jun 15-17] - Pearl Cove Village (Azure Inlet Village)
[Aug 15-17] - Seapath Village (Speing Hill Village)
[Sep 15-17] - Mill Ridge Village (Foothill Basin)
[Nov 15-17] - Reedpond Village (Stonewall)
[Dec 15-17] - Riverwell Village (Aironroost)

The agrints spawn on the 1st of each in-game month in four different locations, depending on the season. Spring spwns in the NW, Summer in the SW, Autumn in the NE, and Winter in the SE. I'm not sure of the location names but that should be enough to find them.

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