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Screen Freezes After Killing Opposite Faction

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There is a bug that is new today. Right after you kill one of the opposite faction in open world, your screen will freeze for 1 second. Can this please be looked into? I don't know if it's affecting all servers, but it's definitely affecting DN-A. Lots of people have mentioned it on lfg, and I just experienced it myself firsthand. My screen's graphics still looked normal (they didn't go black or anything), I just couldn't move my mouse or do anything for a second right after I killed the Elyos.

Note, sometimes we all get lag after killing someone, but this isn't quite like that. This feels/looks different and is more invasive.

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Additional info to supplement the issue:

There are some quests in our log, "To Dream, To Die," that are bugged. If we click on them, we get the same 1 second lag. Perhaps these quest bugs are related to the lag we experience when killing the opposite faction?



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