Thank you for making the GP ranks monthly, this is making it competitive again and p2w whales that did EB non stop in the past, or those that got GP from things that were wrong and fixed, like AP->GP, or coalition afkness, or insane amount of GP in everything during 5.8 are gone from ranks already. GP needed a fresh start and even better we get a fresh start every month.

BUT please, remove the ability for the ranks to have a p2w ability. Some people might have done like 40 luna resets to get where they are, this is money to your company but this tells people they need to take a second seat because there is a vip seat section for those who pay. If the ranks are meaning to show who is "better" then this ranking system failed. It is like running the Olympics and those who are not good enough can pay to get the golden medal.

So there you have it, leave a comment if you agree or disagree. Stay on topic

(P.S. fix the reward system, 1-star and above get 0 rewards and 0 AP)