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I bought a physical copy of Aion, what happens if/when the servers shut down?

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4 hours ago, StarWebIcarii-KT said:

NCSoft should make AION, with some variations, a solo game for PC when they will decide to shut it down. Just for the people who like/liked to play Aion so they will continue to play it to their heart content.

I would be happy to pay for it because I really like AION.

Here you go https://www.aionlegionsofwar.com/en

Enjoy to your heart's content

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This subject is very interesting and to be honest is a hope.

You can cry, scream, complain, you can do what you want, but the AION has been deconstructed. The story is dead and the game has the worst management of all the MMOs that currently exist.

So I think AION does not go very far. Who knows. As soon as NCS finishes killing the game, they may allow us to play AION cooperatively.

Here at home are many people playing AION. It would be great if I could play AION with my family and maybe some friends in cooperative mode. Should have a option in the game (using IP) to create an AION HOST and then we would just make the PVE with family and friends and everything would be fine. Preferably the true AION, version 4.0. Without these transformations, pets, minions and animations in the spells that made AION a child's game.

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I think this has already been answered thanks to City of Heroes. As far as i understand there are people who re-created CoH talking to NCsoft about becoming the official Private server so i do not think they care if people are running P-servers so long as the game is no longer running.


While i am not following the CoH news about it on reddit and other sources i think it would be good for you to look up whats going on with it as i am sure it holds all the answers you are looking for.

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On 04/05/2019 at 3:31 AM, GitGud-DN said:

You may think your country's laws protect you from the game company, but that would be dead wrong.  This is business law 101. 

You are not well read up on Australian Consumer Protection laws, are you? By conducting business here they have already agreed to ACCC stipulations. It's non negotiable. They have no grounds to sue me under as they have already agreed to the laws that state I can repair my faulty product with no fear of repercussion. If they aren't going to repair the broken playability, I am entitled to. I can't make money off of it, nor can I claim ownership of the assets and reuse them, but I can rig up a server and attempt to replicate the experience as best as I can.

I've spoken to solicitors on the topic. Three in fact (free consultations are great). Each of them said things along the lines of so long as "digital goods and services are held to the same laws and standards as physical goods" (this is law rather unique to Australia; suck it northern hemisphere your lawmakers all suck) then it is likely that I wouldn't ever need representation should I 'repair' the broken goods, so long as "the means by which the repair is conducted is still legal".

The game, and the business model it runs off, are at death's door.  As players we should all be aware so that when it does close we are using our rights and protections where we can for the sole purpose of "because we can". These are my rights, and I will use them. If NCSoft aren't going to give me back my $69.99 ($90.987 adjusted for inflation) for my game that had no definitive life cycle indicated -ever- when they inevitably decide to pull the plug, then dagnabbit I'm going to run my private server and South Korea will have to sell their soul to get a trade deal sweet enough to allow NCsoft the powers they would need to stop me.

American laws on this topic are really dumb. Even France has better consumer protection than America. Are you guys even trying?

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