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Well with the way NCSOFT is being ran for the west. They dont care about you. THEY WANT YOUR MONEY!!!!. They have know about this issue since Friday when i posted it. They should have fixed it then and not let the issue roll into the weekend. Here is the list on why you should not buy luna and make the hurt for not caring about the player base.

  • They don't care about you!!
  • They don't care if you Hack. IF you pay for luna then they let you slide and not do a dam thing.
  • They only reply with crap ass emails.

Quit while you guys can cause its only going to get worst. PEACE.

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Luna is way overpriced here in NA, 3x times more than on EU and approx 5x more than Quna from Korea. It’s very unbalanced and steep to use certain things, like selective retuning.

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