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With 5.6 having changed the way Archdaeva instances reward stuff, one thing took me by surprise. Both Akhal and Kroban sets are completely unattainable, as their respective instances now only drop accessories and wings. So, I cannot get them anymore. I do not mind Akhal, but Kroban, while being a recycled skin, looked really cool and I really wish to own the leather set (fortunately I got chain before the update, though I wouldnt mind the hat as well).

Instances do not drop them, they were apparently removed from the campaign that rewarded them and Coalescence will be impossible. Am I missing anything? If not, @Cyan, consider giving it as a reward for events? :P

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On 8/10/2017 at 4:50 PM, Vantheria-IS said:

I want the Funshroom set so badly. I'd gladly pay BCM for it.

It's very easy to get especially after having several events for the tokens, same goes for the tiger mark skin. Might wanna check the broker. :D

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