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Stick the game up your ass


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Well I give up. Tired of begging people to fix a game I'm financially supporting. No communication. They have finally convinced me this game is done. How can you not know how to fix your own game? Like the title says. Stick the game up your ass.

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Do you really think I care if they lock it. I really don't care what they do. My guess is nothing because they will have to (cough, cough) research it for a couple of weeks at least and let the Q/A team investigate why players are mad at the state of the game. Which they won't be able to figure out.

I've got some new names for GM's.

1)GM CutandPaste

2)GM Clueless

3)GM Idontcare

4)GM Iapologize

GEE I sure hope they don't lock this thread. 

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We feel the same, dude.

I only came back because they have a golden game in their hands, even with all the bugs and lack of care, this game has the best combat that I've ever played.

Also, I'm not ranked, so I can still get AP in Herelym! Just can't run the instances that give GP and I'm fine! 

I'm not even sure why they mention QA as it's pretty obvious that they either don't have someone there or that person/team had to be fired long ago.

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All them tickets we get back with GM names all over it is all fake. It's all just copy and pasted by cyan. Dude has to do everything and yet he can't do anything. I guess or won't idk. But if this topic gets locked or deleted then ncwest is a bunch of soft marshmallows. 

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