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On 5/3/2019 at 10:21 PM, SiiEneng-KT said:

Saat masuk ke IB AD ID ,, kan seharus nya saya mendapatkan AP/ABYSS POINT?memang di log saya mendapatkan AP ,tetapi saat saya lihat di PROFIL(P)saya klik menu AP ,, itu AP saya tidak bertambah sama sekali kenapa ya?


When I enter the IB AD ID, I should get AP / ABYSS POINT? I actually get an AP in the log, but when I look at PROFILE (P) I click on the AP menu, my AP doesn't increase at all why?

There are several threads on this topic. There is a bug at the moment where if you are an officer rank it is impossible to gain AP from any source. Cyan says that they are looking into why this is happening and getting a fix.

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