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Q & A session with the Community

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1 hour ago, Nyali-DN said:

This is actually not so true. Apparently there is still an Aion project going on if you do a bit of research since they also posted job offers for this particular project. It also stated it'll be running on UE 4, but that's about it. There are just no more infos! *sighs*

Guess we'll wait and see! I'm sure if this is an actually thing, it'll probably take a few years.

All of the references that I could find were either from Project TL (The Lineage) or Aion: Legions of War.

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On 5/9/2019 at 10:12 PM, Amarah-KT said:

I like the thought process behind the original post here.   There are ways that we could set up some meet and greets with community managers.  Without them being burned at the stake.  Its very obvious that the overall player base has a rainbow of emotions based on how the game has changed.  


So back on topic.  I would strongly encourage the CMs to reach out to players.  Perhaps even on a 1 on 1 basis to talk about the game.  These forums are supposed to be our place, but we often get over looked here.   Join a discord server and talk to the players.  Hell you could even pretend that you dont know how to play and need some help navigating the content.   Perhaps the biggest problem we have is the disconnect that CMs dont play anymore? If you did you would know there are still hundreds of reasonable people who play and care about this game and want to help fix it.  Come talk to us. Stay anonymous, prolly safest..  but please start working with us.

Agreed. There has to be a way anonymously if need be, for the CM's to talk with us. I've been playing Aion since it's release. I've saw posts here on the forums by many others who have as well. We fell in love with the game a long time ago. And while many of us, myself included, threatened to quit once 6.0 came out we are still here, still playing, and still posting in hopes of being heard by those who make decisions for the game. 

The OP of this thread has some very good ideas. I sincerely hope they are acted upon before it is too late.

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