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Compensation, how are you doing it?

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Missed siege? Participating in pvp instances? instances that we went in and got 0 AP from? instances what we didn't attempt because for sure we wouldn't get fully what we should get from it (HM + 30%? ap boost), For sure theres plenty that do instances for ap only and if we aren't given the ap that we missed, even if we didn't, its a bs waste of cd.


Should just give every officer number of sieges since they got officer rank basic win reward for the sieges in the 2 weeks and 30 days prestige pass.

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23 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

I think they should go in and give each character the ap, gp and siege rewards that they earned but did not get for the two weeks the bug was in effect. 


A number of people decided not to waste their time, I can understand their logic.

If NCSoft wanted to grant them some minimal compensation, I'm fine with that- but then go through the extra step of evaluating whether someone actually did instances and sieged and grant them extra compensation. They shouldn't be put on an equal footing with people who put in no effort.

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I went through and made me characters 1 star in case they do a blanket compensation. Tbh if i get compensation or not it does not bother me but if i do i got to run all the non gp instances get rewarded and got the compensation so it is a win win for me.

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