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Where is the Disheveled Debris?

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I'm doing the Ominous Debris quest in Cygnea, and I've got to the part where I need to go to the Disheveled Debris and drink the sedative. But I cannot find it anywhere, and the Aion guide is no help, it seems to just assume that you can find the Disheveled Debris easily and carry on from there. Is it bugged for me? The Shattering Stronghold isn't very big, it can't be that hard to find the Debris, but I can't even find a mention of it on the forum, which also leads me to wonder if it's borked as no one else has had a problem with it. Help! Thanks

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TS. Is that to do with the Tiamat group quest, with the Glimmer Mirror? Cos that's where I am. I haven't seen any purple smoke though. I'm in a small circular stony area, with lots of Elyos guards around, and if I leave that area, I'm in the Dragon Lord's Gardens (I think), so the Shattering Stronghold is just this circular area with the mirror, so I'm expecting the Disheveled Debris to be in this area, and expecting it to show up highlighted with its name above it.  Could be wrong

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