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Question, Best Aion Patch For You?

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By the looks of the poll you are 1 a solo player and 2 not a fan of the new classes.


Personally i enjoyed Aion all the way through from 1.X when i started all the way up till omega stones being added. Each patch offered a different experience that was enjoyable in its own way. 

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4.6 is by far my fav, Maybe some aspects of 4.7 but 4.6 FTW

There are different servers out there obviously private servers you could that are low rate and are 4,6 there are only two servers out there that am aware of that are 4.6 one is new and pretty awesome for some nostalgia.

I am aware we are probably not supposed to talk about that sorta like Fight Club ROFL 

Being able to craft and trade kinah and sell your handmade gear on the market is awesome, I bet if they opened up a special server that was 4.6 everyone would leave the current servers and go play on the 4.6. The countless quest just for titles alone is awesome, And Yes I know this thread is 2019.

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Why is 1.5 not an option? That's the original version we got in NA and I thought it was great, very VERY few bugs in it. PVP was mostly balanced besides SM's. The only thing players all seemed to hate was the proc rate to get the heart for the Fenris pants, but with how many players were farming the abyss, the mats weren't impossible to gather enough for an attempt every few days or once a week.  

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