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Blocked countries


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why? seriusly Cheesecake? That list is not upgraded, few months ago they ip blocked Slovakia.

I dont know the "whys" of Kano here but lest see:

Cuz they ban your friends.

Cuz if you use money on their bcm they are nierking you.

Cuz if you waste hours of your life in this game is kinda not nice they sundenly dont care and just do this.

Cuz unless you are from their country you are not safe to play, who has guaranties of not been in that list someday.

Cuz they dont give an open statement of why do that (again that is and olddated list).

Is sad, i felt sad when they banned some ppl that were not friend but i played with i felt sadder when my friends had to go to somewhere else with no explanation. You probably play with ppl from other countries some they might be them.


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It was a genuinely inquisitive "why," not a sarcastic "why." It was a "What happened? Why are you asking now?" why.

No need to go biting my head off.

And that's the risk you take playing in a region that isn't supposed to be catered to. Even happens to NA players in EU Aion. It sucks, but it's a business or legal (even at the federal level) decision that we all deal with some way or another.

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oh sorry cheesecake, i was a little surprised, is sounded sarcastic, my bad. trully sorry :(.

Sadly all regarding internet across the world is a bit shady and we are defenseless. But if is a money decition they should be a little more respectful towards players and say something about it. And i read something about that company transaction in old forum also tho i think nobody in nc ever confirmed. If that was it also they should unless find a solution and let those players chose moving their accounts cuz is a lot of years and money wasted in some cases.

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OK, this list is almost certainly due to both legal reasons due to licensing- as mentioned previously an example is Gameforge and NCWest AND factors that are completely outside of NCWest's control- such as US Federal regulations which prohibit any trade within certain countries.

That Federal list may be updated at any time.

Other than that, of course NCWest may ban any individual account at their discretion for however long they want (temp or permanent). You can always try to appeal.

Moving of accounts has never been permitted, I doubt it ever will be. You're talking about different publishers  supporting  a  service, it wouldn't necessarily be in their interest.




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