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Disgusting patchs !!!! .................


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Recently i got back to the game and now we cant put almost anything into the legion warehouse anymore


cant transfer kinah anymore


lost many many skills that my char has previously 


lost many many items a got stored into personal and legion warehouse


lost all the kinah i got stored into legion warehouse 


whats going on ?? its true sad that the game limits that bad what a player can do into the game 


cant sell almost anything anymore ...


cant store cant sell cant transfer cant do SH%$#


now i cant transfer anything into my new chars ive created ...


GOOD JOB NCSOFT !!!!!!!!!!

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First, you didn't lose anything. All the items in your legion warehouse can be removed and sold, though most of it is so out of date that it sells for 1 kinah. You didn't -lose- them. They are just pretty much worthless. You didn't lose the kinah in the legion warehouse either. It was turned into bags of kinah and bags of gold bars. Those items could be removed -once- and opened. So whichever character removed them from the warehouse gets the kinah and gold bars.

All your other points have been hashed over and over in the months since this patch came out. This is what the devs wanted and it won't be changing any time soon.

If the changes are a deal breaker for you, then I wish you luck. If however you are still giving the game a chance, you can manipulate the system a bit. If you want to trade kinah from one character to another, sell something totally useless for a high amount of kinah on your alt and then buy it with the character that has kinah. You will lose the broker fees, which are substantial, but it's better than having kinah on a character that you don't play. You can also use this method to transfer items that are not tradeable but can be brokered. Just be really careful. Do not sell the items for 1 kinah or even a small amount of kinah. There are players (and bots) that sit at the broker looking for people that undervalue high demand/priced items. You are better off selling the item for the market value and then transferring the kinah using the method I described above.

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