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Shugo form disappeared after send log

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This happens to me couple times today when I was running shugo vault event. One time I got send log, one time my group mate got dc.  I logged back in right away but the shugo form and shugo pots have already gone, I couldn't use any skills, had to auto attack, but squishy as hell. I run shugo 10+ times a day, this is not free, So I sent tickets, but GM Lindivior combined my 2 tickets and told me that they can't refund my shugo scroll back. Ok, So will Aion team keep letting this problem happen and just taking the money from our pockets? 

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You can't use the scroll unless you are at or near the start. So if you dc in the last room, you have to die, respawn and then use the scroll. If you dc before the last room, you have to run back to the start, use the scroll near the portal and then take the portal.

Not sure why they added the scroll to get your form back and then made it work that way, but they did.

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