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Request the developers retexture the old hairstyles


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I am making a request that our US team talk to the game developers in Korea to repair the hairstyles in the character maker, so that all the hairstyles have the same smooth texture and highlighting as the newest additions. The older hairstyles have the following issues:

  1. The texture is stiff and the hair appears dead.
  2. Nasty black undertones beneath the selected hair color.
  3. Hair color bleeds into the face.
  4. Dark smudging and white highlights along the hairline.
  5. Chunks of hair disappear into the forehead or neck area.

I have raised these issue before in other threads and seen other players complain as well, but I never got a response from our team. Please, leave your comments below if you want to see the graphics improved in a future patch. @Cyan I would appreciate some response from you as well.

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They should have re-textured all of the hairstyles by now, but for some reason NCSoft doesn't seem to care about what our character's look like anymore. As for the dark smudging and awkward highlighting around the hairline, it is just butt-nyerking ugly.

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