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90 gp on a non siege day?

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5 minutes ago, PsychoShooter-KT said:

Ppl could just waited to turn in quests

3 gp quests available after reset.  One weekly and two daily.  Total of the one weekly and two dailies is 50 gp.  Waiting to turn in a daily would burn a repeat, meaning they would gain nothing in addition to the base 50 gp.

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11 minutes ago, Siax-EK said:

Extremely unlikely that they waited, what is it now, 7 months? For 50 gp.

This isn't the first time I've seen something like this either. Couple people on EK were getting 100 a day somehow.

Not true I know the Divine 50 gp one I haven't even finished mine yet always ignored the mobs but it almost finished now .

Probably something missing not sure on the math to 90 or to 135 like someone on DN A has but I do know season ended 3 am and new season started at 4 am which is before maint so if held onto and finished quests once new season started  and before maint and got again at reset maybe a combination that gets you there like a 50 gp Divine quest and 2 pvp weeklies add up to 90.


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I can speak of myself. I didnt turn on my 50 gp quest for Reshanta untill today. I knew that eventually P2W will go away, thats what I was waiting for. 


Just to add, killing siege guard gives 30+ gp. So 50 GP is nothing on a long run.

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