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User Defined Chain Skill

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Yo, so about your question, it really depends on the user tbh. Personally i use it to chain together my nuke skills so i can execute them faster with just one button. There are loads of different ways you can utilize it but it's all up to you.

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Vesta is right. I find them a useful option/feature but I originally set them up last year pre-6.x patches and need to re-visit. As a ranger I have 3 chain skill sets slotted into my quick bar that I can quickly cycle through in combat (PVE for me) but I expect the same could be tuned/applied towards PVP if inclined. I may use one set or the other or cycle one skill from each set and depending on cool downs, sequence, dependencies and random boredom factor if grinding same mob. Nothing to prevent keeping a favorite chained skill component slotted solo in a quick slot but cool down will apply to both slots.  With my Sin char I have 5 sets, 2 of which are pretty much dedicated to rune carving where there are a lot of complicated dependencies I probably could do better.  By dependencies for how to sequence I also refer to skills that buff higher for things like 'if stunned/poisoned' etc, or that affect cool downs on other skills or boost an effect generally for x seconds/minutes. With the Daevanion skills now in the mix some sets I click more than others.

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