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You mean a free, perma mount?

There are several options to pay for one. You can buy one outright through the BCM. You can buy one of Prestige Coins. And I believe there is one in the lockbox token rewards.

Would be nice if mounts were put in as event rewards.

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Please, give all Sharptooth bikes available again!! If you want money, why don't put them to BCM (where they used to be before)?? Especially Sharptooth Voidtracer is valuable!!! Also, Chromanimbuses disappeared, please give them back!  Also, it's bad that whe I poen Chromanimbus box (15 days) several times in  a row it often gives same colors of mount and I can't get the desired color! All this is complicated when these boxes are rarely available on the broker, probably from old events and it becomes up to impossible to get the color I need when opening one box after another!!! :( And lasting only 15 days :(

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