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Old professions were removed from the game entirely, now you can only craft things through aetherforging (pvp and pve gear and a few skins), anything else you will have to buy with kinah (potions, transformation scrolls to use your acquired permanent transformations, food and drinks, kisks, etc) through NPCs or through brokers if you want to do business with other players (or "trade" items, hopefully it doesn't get caught by a broker bot that automatically buy every item of a kind under a certain selling price- unsure if these still work on NA as I haven't seen any in the last few weeks but better careful than sorry).

Luna crafting is also an option, you craft things from the daily rotating designs with Luna materials, acquired through Luna dailies and weeklies (you get a bag of Luna materials and sometimes other stuff, like transformation scrolls, DP jellies, enchantment stones, when you finish the instance).

Aethertapping has also been completely removed, only essencetapping/gathering remains and it's only used to level up villages in Pernon/Oriel and to gather items for Pandora quests. You can't craft anything from those essencetapped items, it's only for quests.

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On 6/1/2019 at 5:56 PM, 2s1638B2-DN said:

Oh...wow. Well that's, I got no words. Thank you for the information. Seems like I have a lot to learn and a lot to let go of.

Yeah, I just came back after a break as well and had the same reaction. Went to Sanctum and decided to go to the back side and read the book on the outer dock that was a jokey reference to the X-Files and then maybe suicide on the giant lift where the old skill trainers were- but the teleport statue didn't have a destination back there anymore. So I tried to go on foot, but path there was gone. Then I realized that the locations back there were no longer labeled on the map. So I decided to go to Oriel. When I went to the teleporter, there were like four places to go. Verteron, Eltnen, and Theo, gone. Brusthonin had been gone for a while before, but all those low-level areas were nuked. Had a little panic attack and checked the world map; same goes for Morheim and Altgard. And the Abyss. Reshanta- gone. Just down to the eye. All that lore about unstable free-floating aether enabling flight, all the fun locations and guard farming, gone. The only explanation (aside from bots & gold sellers) is that they weren't end-game focused areas that they can monetize. You can't even do Haramel without a micro-transaction popping up. So stuff me, and you, and all the other people who play(ed) Aion for fun and relaxation, or to chill with friends, or any reason other than end-game PvP. All the hours we put into Essencetapping, Aethertapping, and crafting were wasted. The worst part is that they weren't even broken systems, and there was no reason to get rid of them. The only thing that we can do is to find a private server and start over and it absolutely kills me to say that. 

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Yea, it really breaks my heart that they got ride of that. It really makes no sense. I am not a big PvPer, but occasionally I like to dip me toe in. I'm more PvE and crafting/gatherer type. It's been so long and I've always loved the game, just was hard to play when you were 95% soloing and weren't part of a Legion. Trying to give it a chance, maybe I can find a Legion that is nooblet friendly, otherwise...
I'm going to be a very sad nyerk nyrek.

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11 hours ago, Litarhiannon-DN said:

 All the hours we put into Essencetapping, Aethertapping, and crafting were wasted. 

Not really... all crafters had advantages over people who would obstinately refuse to bother with that kind of thing (there were tons); convenience, spending less, having your own crafter name under proc'ed rare items, weapons, headgear, skins. And, yanno, just the general feeling of accomplishment that you're looking for when grinding for hours for something that can't be gotten automatically with 1 clic.

It's still a game online, so at the end of the day you never know when a happy message will greet you about the servers closing down in 3~6 months and the purchases in the last X months being refunded (or not). Ultimately, the hours you spent on those things weren't wasted, unless you had absolutely no fun doing those things and, in that case, you really should look into different kinds of games. MMORPGs are fleeting and temporary, solo RPGs are not; you'll always have your grinding saved unless ofc you lose your files.

Don't expect anything in Aion to be permanent... particularly post 4.8. It was the first time they really removed content and it's been all the way downhill since then. After that (and considering 5.x+ which removed/changed more zones) it was to be expected that this much more would be removed tbh. Luckily, I don't think they can remove much more. /thumbs up 


The only thing that we can do is to find a private server and start over and it absolutely kills me to say that. 

They're really not that bad (retail often assumes the worst about private servers but the bigger ones are just as reliable as retail is) and usually come with boosted rates for just about everything.

11 hours ago, 2s1638B2-DN said:

I'm more PvE and crafting/gatherer type.

You should give Pandora quests a try, the crafter/gatherer hero in me enjoyed them quite a lot alongside levelling aetherforging and it's really not grindy if you take it bit by bit. Plus it gives okay pve gear (with a nice weapon skin), enough to run everything but Veilenthrone at this time.

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Nostalgia for the way things used to be (whatever patch we start on), but don't let that stop you from getting in and trying the new systems. Some of them take time to get used to. Some you will love and others you will absolutely hate. Best to just get out there and try it all out.

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