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Best Ragers Bow Fusion


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Stats wise from best to worst

1- Ultimate Firebrand Bow + Ultimate Frostspark Bow or Anomos Bow

2- Ultimate Firebrand Bow + Ultimate Pandora Bow

3- Ultimate Firebrand Bow + VoidSoul Bow or Legendary Frostspark Bow 

4- Ultimate Firebrand Bow + Ultimate Masterwork Monarch Bow

5- Ultimate Firebrand Bow + Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror Bow

6- Ultimate Firebrand Bow + Bloodsworn or Ancient Libertas Bow


i Rank Firebrand better over Cloud War because i prefer the Crit Strike over the HP

i Rank VoidSoul and Legen Frostspark better over Masterwork because i prefer the HP over the Acc


-Probably is not worth the effort to farm a Pandora bow over a VoidSoul just for extra 50 crit strike

-If you are poor just ignore Crafted bows and go for CoE Bow until you get BoS Bow.

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Thank u,

I got this information a bit late Firebrand better over Cloud War, when i already had my bow on ultimate :/, like 1 month ago.. So, i have right now the Cloud War.

I'm working on my Firebrand too. But i want to get all my gear on Ultimate before going for this. You know, Ultimate stones are a bit difficult.

Right now i have the ultimate masterwork conqueror, i was farming and i had the lucky shot, on first try i got the masterwork.


But thanks for the information

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