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Give us Aion Classic please

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4 hours ago, Winterfresh-KT said:

we just want to start over no? like L2 Classic servers were full for like 6 months - till new games come out lol. 

If you want a classic server that bad show support for it. Actually get 5000+ aion enthusiasts come to the forums and post showing support for it like what happened on the WoW official forums. I say 5000 because realistically your not going to have 100,000 unique players come to these forums since it is a smaller game.


Classic servers are made from demand and there was a demand for the L2 classic servers. If you take any notice to the L2 p-servers it is simply a large player base jumping from server to server for fresh wipes over and over again. Aion P-servers especially in NA(is there even one anymore?) Have done very poorly. I only know of 1 4.X and 1 3.X server and they both constantly get shut down and re-opened due to lack of players. 

People will keep shutting the idea down because the attempts are half-assed. If you are just doing it for the memes then keep doing what you doing :D.

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