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Enchanting and Tempering Success Rate Question


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I sent a support ticket and the answer was quite not satisfying so i thought to ask the same question on forums.

I wonder if any GM or someone that are behind the server can answer this simple question:

What is the success rate on Enchanting gear over +15 and also what is the sucess rate on Tempering accessory and plumes-

I am pretty sure the answer at this questions should have a public answer so people know what they are doing and how many tryes they statisticly need in order to +20 an item or +10 an accessory.

Thank you

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See my big enchantment success rate research spreadsheet: (the tab should be "Abyss L75 | +16 and above | RU 5.6 PTS")


The 75 Abyss overupgrade test attempts came from various RU PTS 5.6 youtube videos, collected together into a spreadsheet.

Sorry, I haven't done any analysis on tempering rates yet, except bracelets...


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