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Event Rewards.

Should We Have These Items In Events?  

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  1. 1. Should We Have These Items In Events?

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Matsukamy-KT i undertand ur pov. But having at least 1 of those events each 3 months wont kill anyone. Wont kill the game also, some other games like BDO u farm ur gear depend on How much work, in Aion i need To wait All week To farm enoug enchants To try again. 5.0 was bad Because it was 1 event after the other, people complain about it, but that was the only reason f2p could catch the rest. Now instead of having full gear in 6~8 months(or lucky)we need wait 12~16months(not being lucky).Idk My honest opnion being playing since 4.9 and i had never felt incapable of progress in game like i Did this patch. Any extra enchant would make my day >.<

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9 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

I understand what you are saying regarding the tempering solutions and the omegas. Those did have multiple uses and because those lines were blurred, I believe NCWest added them. But I don't understand how you can say that fighting spirits and PvP enchantment stones aren't PvP items. PvP enchantment stones -only- work on PvP items. Fighting spirits are used to upgrade PvP gear and to morph PvP enchantment stones. You get them from disenchanting Conqueror's gear, which you do using AP which is acquired from PvP and from quests involving PvP. There are no blurred lines at all.

I am not advocating for not having these items in events or in the BCM. I am speaking about the historical perspective of NCWest's stance on PvP things coming from non-PvP-related activities. 

Explain to my nyerking dumb ass how you earn PvP stones and Spirit fragments from pvping? You don't. And don't say the "PvP" instances give stuff because they really don't.

Those items are to PROGRESS gear and are needed in a large quantity because of how the game system is designed. We don't have a good way to earn it in game and events have always helped out with that aspect.

Dredge bags - NOT PVP

Spirit Fragments - NOT PVP



SIEGE - 1-2 stones for AFKING(if you choose) - NOT PVP


Having these items in events has nothing to do with them being straight up on the BCM which BY THE WAY  all of 6.X and 7.X is literally FULLY designed and revolves around at its literal core. Not saying we should have everything in the cash shop straight up but when the game is fully designed around being able to purchase everything from the Korean shop and our region will never do that. This is where rewards in events come in.

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13 hours ago, Noonga-KT said:


Guess how I got these stats

HINT: it wasn't from PvP

I wonder why people still think that PVP items are acquired through PVP in Aion. It never has been like that. Not ever. Since day 1 you would get AP by doing PVE (I'd say that 90% of the AP you would get back in 1.5 to get the AP PVP equipment was acquired from PVE instances).

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