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Spiritmaster pets does massive damage to Crucible Spire / Tower of Challenge mon

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Still valid for 7.0.

The damage skills on summoned NPCs have a huge conditional bonus damage %'s against Asmodian Daevas and Elyos Daevas. Such as +650% damage for most SM pet skills and +900% damage for Cleric servants.

This is to (partially) compensate against the +100% PvE Defense (Pre-6.0 stat), which these pets do not have +100% PvP Attack (Pre-6.0 stats). They do only 10% damage against other players in PvP otherwise.

See Skill list with hidden attributes here.

For some reason, Cruicble mobs are considered either "Asmodian Daeva" or "Elyos Daeva". So pet attacks (


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