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Partnership with 3rd parties


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One of the problems of Aion NA you  trying to pay everything with your own or forcing more p2w to players which cause more players to leave.

Think outside the boxes people rarely pay for items in Aion because it can be use with Aion only once they bored or changed game those items are useless.
That's why we should partnership with 3rd party such as ExitLag or WTFast by advertise them in game by broker,GST or even in Sanctum I don't mind them and add promotion such as download and login Aion free ExitLag for 7 days it will cause massive download of Aion and people will try the game,this effect will be even better than stream.
Try to sell aion theme items such as cups,glasses,t-shirt,bag via amazon everyone in the world can buy them.
When you gains popularity try to partnership even bigger company such as Intel,AMD,Nvidia,Logitech,Asus,Acer and advertise their products in game try to sell keyboard or mouse aion edition.
Lower price of BCM items skins should be remodel many times as player want not one time,make toggle hide transformation,bring luna skins back or anything that players want make everyone happy.

We both win so why not ?

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1 minute ago, Rakesh-DN said:

Because effort. You must be new here.

Maybe they can't find the way that worked yet,I believe this will work by starting partnership with ExitLag first.

ARM do it,Aiondatabase,Aioncodex do it,so why not ? o_o

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Here some more ideas.

-Discount for all ExitLag subscribers -20% when buy bcm items.
-Make skins base on partner products such as Intel,Nvidia,AMD such as race queen/racer skins with partner logo on it(Blue,Green,Red version).They're US companies only NCwest can do this.(Just ask Korea to make skins for us if they can create skins based on user contest I don't see why they can't make this)

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NCsoft has put this game on milking mode a long time ago. Just let it go, man.

They are not going to do anything to make our gaming experience better to the point that new players would be interested in playing. You and everyone else has to accept this if you are going to continue playing.

Sure they did some minor changes to try and make our experience a little bit better, but nothing game changing.

It is what it is.

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I don't think we have an aion staff in ncwest


Cyan works as a CM for ncsoft which means other games, aion isn't his main game


Hime works for ncsoft and mostly for blade and soul, aion isn't her game either


Gideon only show up in the streams of big patches, and even tho hes a developer , every patch we get it requires the korea staff to send us, so i guess hes a dev for other games.


Support works for ncsoft, they have no clue how aion works.

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I know you guys gave up,I do too but at least I think to myself I already show them a way out and do not regret when server close down.

I really believed 3rd party partnership will solving high price bcm (because of high maint cost whatever) because they got income from advertising for 3rd party.
I believed if this success this system will be even better than Gameforge's goldpack.

First step is simple they just need to talk with ExitLag and partnership with them and do promotion.

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@Aiyanna-DN.. wtf are you talking about? I said it's a great idea but that it would require effort that the staff hasn't been know to want to put into Aion. How does that make me a problem here? Or did you just see my name and the number of posts and then failed to actually -read- what I wrote and then post something snarky? (Pro tip: Your snark goes much further if you actually read.)

To get back to @Neleth-KT's suggestion. With the update we are getting today (which actually shows effort), maybe the staff will pick up on your idea! It would be really great if they did.

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On 6/17/2019 at 11:59 AM, Aly-DN said:

This is the bottom line for everything.

It's a good suggestion, Neleth. Unfortunately it requires effort.


Just now, Aiyanna-DN said:

Yes I do.

This game is dead, they just don't care enough to do anything about it.

They don't listen to us. just accept that.

We agree!



Do you think that the effort they put into this week's maint might indicate that the game isn't as dead as you thought and perhaps the staff -is- willing to put some effort into the game and might.. just might.. take @Neleth-KT's suggestion seriously?

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24 minutes ago, Aiyanna-DN said:

If @Aly-DN and @KonkersGG-EK play the game the way of they play the foruns they will be the most op players ever. Just saying.

I wish I had the time to play more. I'm very active on the forums because I can do it at work using my phone. Then when I get home my 4 year old wants attention, so does my wife. RL first, you know?! Just saying.

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9 minutes ago, dadaaa-KT said:

Looks like someone made new account just to bstalk Aly. Maybe he got butthurt somewhere, so salty enough to get into the trouble of making new or logging in to new account. KED. 

New account you say?

I have the pet griffo, do you have it? If dont know what is it, then the new player here is you. 


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Want some popcorn? Topped with cheeze. Sprinkled with more salt. You say you're an old player Jeez GZ for staying that long. However that doesn't warrant you trashtalking people without even reading the content of post. If you had, you would have seen the sarcasm when she said effort. Then again it takes effort to read. By that I bid you adeiu. 

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