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Daevanion Skills selection box. Unlucky people need it


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So, all i know about this game now is if you lucky , you can get good stuff for you! if you unlucky even you work hard on game, you still missing some good stuff u need.
You lucky. you can enchantment your +15 gear with few stone, while every one can get same number of stone each week. when you got ultimate +15, another people still stay at +9 try to get +10. some one try to +15 legendary.

You lucky. you can craft masterwork in single hit, while another fail 22 time craft continuously or more.
You lucky. you can get Kasinel transformation with only 2 legendary combined, while some one fail at 4, 6 legendary.
You lucky. you get 100 mil, 50 mil, 35 mil, 20 mil from kinah bundle, while another get 5 mil.
You lucky. you get all Daevanion skills for your class, while another missing need skill for their class
You lucky. you get +9 stigma while another guy have fail at +8 multiple time, some one drop from 8 to 4 even 2.

SO  lucky in game is importance but don't make basic thing like skill lucky like that. that long time from last big update i haven't Ferocious Earthquake. While i running 0 meter to target, system still tell me too far from target so where my extend weapon? if u told me my ping bad, ok ok. look at KR they play lower 10ms and they still need extend weapon?

Finally this topic want to have event which one give selection daevanion skill box, extend weapon box, enchanting event. I tired to run around BOS, FM find greater shugo then open it with same skill. 
One more thing. RNG is realy importance in game but Don't misuse it in anything.

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RNG sucks and it is the main driving force of the game, nothing is effort driven, you can put a ton of effort and continuously fail, or you could be lucky and get something others have paid a ton of money to get and still miss.

In my chanters I keep getting the exact same daevanion skill every week. None of the have roaring judgement yet, after months of trying.

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