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sudden server shutdown

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Dior forgot to pay their server bill this month.

NCFail in action.. If you can't even keep your servers up, how will you handle the upcoming merge?

So can we assume our compensation will be only our beloved x1 Lucky Trash Vinna and some fake apologies? Come on talk with your mythological Dev Team to solve this non-sense

The forums are laggy as hell atm. I'm also getting bad gateway messages. Whatever, hanging tight as Cyan suggested.

Can you reset our instance entries, send a survey with some Stars, and extend the cake buff event? Too many nyerking problems this week.

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17 minutes ago, MiniePie-SL said:

We got S rank from FT and as soon as we killed kromede the server notification appeared. We had 1 minute to go in the room and loot but since the server notification pop'ed it somehow disabled the npc to spawn so we couldnt reach the treasure room .

I was in that group... I bought that scroll! è_é

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