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sudden server shutdown

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Dior forgot to pay their server bill this month.

NCFail in action.. If you can't even keep your servers up, how will you handle the upcoming merge?

So can we assume our compensation will be only our beloved x1 Lucky Trash Vinna and some fake apologies? Come on talk with your mythological Dev Team to solve this non-sense

1 minute ago, NotAKorean-SL said:

Amazing how some of you actually seem to believe they took the cake out intentionally.


Go outside and vent your rage. Throw some rocks at birds or something.

Its like I went and told people in LFG here, it was probably a mistake, they've never just taken away a huge event thing like that on a non-maintenance day. But I'm still seeing 'OMG WHY THE CAKE GONE?!?!?!' -__-

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