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Revisiting concept of weaving after I fixed my keyboard and using Ancient Xform


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I can't believed it but I actually run out of my skills on chanter(even with spam woi) and sin by spamming skills.

Well I did weave every 3-4 skill and it worked but damage that increased is only slightly let say it help only not to make u look dumb doing auto attack without using any skills.
Is weaving a gamebreaking ? no I don't think so,you can go with spamming and doing slightly less damage.As for myself I'll do weaving because I don't want to do auto attack for 1-2 sec without using any skills.

My templar and glad don't have attack speed xform yet I'll let you know the result once I do.
But let me predict about greatsword and spear,I think it will work and do more damage than sword and shield or greatsword in case of glad.Attack speed shouldn't be matter if you got ancient xform I believed.

Magic weaving for sw and gunner and AT ? I think it's just dumb o_o sw already weaving with pulse,I never run out of skills on gunner if you keep switching on pistols and cannon and AT just have too many skills + charging no need for weave.

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I got 18% attack speed transform on glad/tevmplar (sin,chant got 21%)

Well the result is surprised me I can't use all skills no matter what I don't run out of skills on both templar and glad.
Even when templar switched to greatsword on shield stigma build I still don't run out.

Conclusion for now I don't need to weave on glad/templar.

Reason : Maybe attack speed is too slow because on sin I got 5.8 sword with 19% attack speed and on chanter I got daevanion skill that buffing attack speed.Maybe when I got legendary transform I might be able to empty skills but for now I can't o_o

PS.Sin in real world is really weak they losing HP rapidly even clothes are more resistant than them.(Perhaps during HP recovery skills)

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Sins should be weaving as long as you have 18% attack speed transform and 15%+ attack speed weapon, otherwise it's better to spam unless flurry is up. Sin is not really weak, you're probably just undergeared.  With the 6.5 buffs, Sins are strong AF in open world.

On my glad, I've found that spamming skills is better when using GS or PA.  I only weave on the lower damage skill chains, Ferocious strike chain and body smash chains because the other auto attacks hit harder than those skills do and it makes sure I don't run out of skills.  Usually I'm waiting for 2 seconds or so if all of my longer CDs (20-30 secs) are on CD for a skill if I don't weave those chains.

Chanters, rangers, and templars should be weaving at times too, just to make sure you don't run out of skills.

No magic classes should be weaving IMO.

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My opinion about sin being weak I speak for my sin only I do not speak for every sin.I just comparing to my other characters with same gears and I feeling my sin is easier to die more than even my sorc.Maybe it's just because sin is lack of good HP recovery skill.

About chanter if I really don't want to weave just add recovery spell into dps rotation problem fixed :P (it's good when you mindlessly dps and want to do support in same time too if u got AoE version lol)

About ranger I see no point to to weaving at all because focus shots = weaving already.
About templar no matter how hard I try I don't run of skills but that's because I'm using support skills too such as iron skin,UD,Emp Armor I can't remember anymore I didn't say it's great thing to do but I oftenly to forgot to use those skills while in zombie mode so I put them in dps rotation.

Thank you for comment :)

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