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Atreian Passport new "rewards"


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Why did they have to degrade the rewards into the new morphing thing for normal (aka useless) transformation contracts? Prestige users can use their luna materials to make mroe lunas to get more entries like every player does. Why would prestige users waste luna materials to craft a normal or greater transformation? You can get a normal transformation contract from any entry level pve instance.

I simply delete those, sure thing I have Kaisinel so why would I keep those, but I do not see ANY player wasting luna mats to morph these, if you are not crafting kinah bundles with your luna mats, it is because you craft lunas with them to get a currency that worth having for selective re-tuning or extra instance entries.

Edit: It is the amount of luna mats it requires to craft those that makes it useless.



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On 25/6/2019 at 10:23 PM, Aly-DN said:

Agreed. The change in the daily login rewards was a mistake.

You can even craft an ancient (sure with an insane amount of luna mats...) but that is with the 1x free material per week from BCM for 0 money. So if someone is a new player and needs a transform, prestige or not, he will most likely get the ancient material from BCM, morph his ancient contract and if it is not for his class he will do a 2nd one hoping it will be

In any case being given 2x normal and 1x greater contract transformation essences per week... is at least useless. Nobody is going to waste luna mats for that and if they do is because they are new and they need an ancient which is not given by the atreian atlas, but from the BCM that costs 0 money..

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