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Revive PVP and take away GP from fort adds!!!


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Why instead of giving GP when you kill the winning fort faction adds (which brings a huge disadvantage to

those classes with no high AOE attacks or with lower DPS skill than other classes, and is making sieges boring as hell); why dont

you make it a PVP kill count thing in forts siege; making it, that the top GP points go to those who make

the top killing mark on siege to get the higher GP score and then go down from that..... These will make siege a huge PVP

ground area, making it a whole hour of fun for a lot of players who still play and might bring a few players who left

because of the constant PVE turn over you guys have given the game.  Another thing; switch the GP PVP quest to a daily

4 times repeatable quest, were you get 5 points per quest making it a total of 20 like it is now, and at the same time

making PVP available more often in game. Please bring PVP back T^T AION is turning out to be like Hello Kitty Land

with all the PVE, and  24/7 skin showing contest in Lakrum..... make the PVP community happy again, and save us from

all the pink-flowerly-floofy-unjoyfull panorama :)


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Problem is that people who enter alliances/leagues and stay semi-afk or full afk and they get awarded kill counts. Thus the kill count cannot be a way to determine the rewards in this case.

Our problem is that the game is designed to have 2000 asmodians vs 2000 elyos in a siege, effectively if the attackers get to the door, the door would fall down in 1 minute, and people would already be in fortress in no time killing the guards and having to share a peti 60 GP per guard. While the 300 GP is always the goal since it will be the most of the reward. So the actual siege is the pvp because any obstacle is not really an obstacle that takes time to take down.

The reason why this creates a huge disadvantage is because we have like 10 players dedicated hardcore to GP acquisition thus the big differences in what some people make and what others make. And also that before we can get into the fortress to kill guards, ranged characters have already killed the guards on the walls.

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You have 2 sides of the fence. Those who got geared really fast with RMT...before you say anything good on them for supporting the game. Then you got those who are paying minimal amounts because they are not happy where the game is at currently. 

What does this mean tho? Well it is simple those who are behind do not mind taking forever to gear up because they know eventually down the line they will through some event. Then you have those who have gear do not care about participating because they will just buy all the stuff they need when the next patch comes out. Very few people are ever satisfied with where their gear is at. If they are they probably are working towards gear slowly for the next patch months down the line.

All this adds up to a very small minority of players that are caught on the fence and care about PvPing for the sake of PvPing. 


Aion will never have PvP again because people only care about their ideal PvP situations and i there is no doubt in my mind that the majority believe good PvP is when your side is the side that wins.

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I rather have everyone having a chance at the GP  than 10 OP dmg. class players getting all the high end GP, because its a PVE matter atm at siege; remember if it is kill base it will turn into a kill competition..... so if your AFK, active alliances or groups will get more kills. And a thing I learned at these game is that gear is a really important matter; but if you got no skill is gg with or without gear....... and there's a lot of players out there wiling to run the whole map to find pvp at all times; the problem is that the game has turn into a PVE queen thing, and is to hard for people to get resources to upgrade PVP gear since as I stated earlier..... GP goes to a few making the reward go to the same guys every time...... me as a +15 Ult Glad cant compete with a +15 AT at siege adds GP killing. Another thing is in arenas, they should make everyone have the same gear; so  low gear players get a chance at good rewards, making upgrading their gear easier and boosting their moral a bit making them want to go out and kill other players on outer world PVP (been a wet noodle in PVP is what actually makes a lot of peeps not want to go outside xD ). For me it makes more sense to actually make gearing players a thing of the beginning of the patch than waiting to the end using events and having the same effect; of players that did not made the PVP gear enchant goal for a good exchange, making them leave game. Any way is my way of looking at things..... I don't even think NCSoft actually reads these stuff since it seems their priority is killing AION once and for all.

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On 3/7/2019 at 2:11 AM, Belty-DN said:

me as a +15 Ult Glad cant compete with a +15 AT at siege adds GP killing.

...don't you both have good aoe skills (if not better than an AT) and you both have ridiculous survivability (if not better than AT, with that self healing shield of yours) and you both are practically semi-tanks?

I would agree if you compared yourself to a ranged class, but aren't ATs and Glads the new black here? DPS like a canon and survivability like a tank, unless I am missing something here.

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