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[DN] <Misery> Recruiting!


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1) Who are we? 

- We are a level 8 guild that runs BoS/FM/CoE etc.. whatever people need. We also have a lot of prestige members so we help everyone has their 50 kill quest done each week.

2) When are we most active?

- Most members log in late evening, around 6/7pm Pacific Coast time. We aren't the largest legion out there but were all very close and always looking for more friends to play with!

3) Any Requirements for applying?

- You can apply when you hit level 70! We don't discriminate if you're a new player, everyone is welcome.

4) Do we have Discord?

- Absolutely. We very strongly encourage all of our members to join the discord. We understand if some people just don't have mic but we would still like everyone to join the channel to at least be able to contact members if you need runs/help.

We look forward to your application! ^_^

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