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[EU] Aion 7.0 will not have Italian, Polish and Spanish translations

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Starting with 7.0, EU (Gameforge) client will only include English, French, and German languages

Three of Gameforge's languages will no longer be supported with update 7.0

Aion 7.0 will be deployed on Gameforge servers on 2019-07-10.


The decision to halt three of our game languages is unfortunately necessary: AION is currently being played by fewer players than it was a few years ago. The translation of regular and extensive updates into six languages demands a lot of time as well as a lot of our resources and we have decided that these would be better placed elsewhere. We want to continually improve the quality and game experience in AION.

We believe that halting part of the translation will help us to reach our aim of getting updates and patches that are already available in Korea to our European players faster. Additionally this provides us with resources that we wish to use to test new game content from Korea. This gives us the chance to drastically reduce the amount of bugs and problems that arise in events and permanent features.

This change allowed us to complete the coming update much faster than usual. We are convinced that we can use this to provide you with some fantastic updates in the coming years.


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AION is currently playing by fewer players than it was a few years ago.

Is amazing. Although this phrase is true... The most important, necessary, essential  ... What is emphatically requested,  begged by the vast majority of players continues to be ignored.

So this is the AION. They will do everything, except what is necessary. The customer will continue be ignorated. 

And we know that the effort would be really little if they focused on what is important us. Example: Option to enable and disable the Transformations.

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We need to read this into context though, let me rephrase it:


AION is being played by fewer players than it was a few years ago and we have absolutely no clue why this is happening, the game has 90% of the content deleted, people should be rushing to play this game now that it is retardified, BUT instead we get less people which is a total paradox. We have brought back the absolute RNG to the game and removed any pre-proced recipes, or enchanting supplements so now it is possible to fail 10 ultimate stones at your +14 ultimate item with an algorithm made to make you fail more than succeed, we clearly cannot see anyone sane enough that would dislike this RNG thing because people love to spend time, effort and money and see no rewards. People will have to spend salaries worth of money to play this game thus we will be making more money and this would make us very happy, if we are happy why aren't you happy with us too, don't be a hater.

We are also not developers, our sole job is to make our regional players happier but we will simulate what everyone will want and we will do the exact opposite because this is what hooks people on the game. This should work.

We have "convinced" our own selves that these changes will help us provide you with some fantastic updates in the coming years, which means more deleted content, less effort-to-reward style of game and more RNG driven bullsh!t. We also promise to ask your opinion about the game while we will have our eyes and ears closed shut.




...what could possibly go wrong?

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