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Hello everyone, I am a veteran in the game that wants to come back kkk

  (Sorry for the lousy English)

  It's been a long time, I played Aion a long time ago, and for a long time, I followed the game and its development, from the 3.5 and I burned by its history and the world I dedicated a lot of effort in it, it will be years that I left the game for reasons  I remember that the last update I saw was the one that brought the most changes (I do not remember exactly, I'm sorry but I believe it's 5.0 but I'm not sure), I had already left the game almost entirely there by the 4.7 update per  account of situations that ended up happening.

  Today came the feeling of nostalgia, to see a YouTube play Aion "2019" soon I saw downloading the game again to see how it was, I started to read some reviews that said that the game was much better and had brought a lot of update, its population  its improved gameplay was good with plenty of instances and pvp, but I also saw bad comments that said it would not be worth playing anymore.  I jumped in the dark and ventured, after hours of waiting I came across several new things, some of which left me intrigued by other confused ones.  As you know the server was once again united with another but I was happy I had not lost my characters that I loved so much, another update had come Aion but at the same time something new and I felt excited to explore and see what had changed,  because drastic changes for me had happened and as much as I knew where I was I did not know anything about ... (As the disappearance of my skills I was scared to realize that I would have to upar again to recover the ksk)

  I ask for help, I'm lost, I do not know where to start, what I should do, if I should invest in the game, where to look for the game coins that have disappeared from my warehouse if they are recoverable (I had a good amount stored there  but I realized that you just can not save or see the ones that were there before, I came back and I'm kind of Noob in the game if I'm making a wrong guess, I'm sorry)

  My main characters are both at level 65, it's a Cleric and Sorcerer I'd like to know which sets are recommended for these classes what instances should I go to if I should invest my time in the game if it's still worth it.

  Thanks for listening.

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With the 6.x updates, kinah was reworked. So what happened is our old kinah was converted into new kinah plus "gold ingots". You can find those gold ingots in your special cube. They are a second currency that can be used to buy things at the Gold Sands Shop. You can find the Gold Sands Shop by clicking the shugo with gold bars around him in the lower right hand of your screen. The first two tabs in that shop sell things for kinah. The last tab sells things for gold ingots. We also had a GP wipe. We were given gold ingots to compensate for the loss of our GP as well. In fact, every "season" our GP will again be wiped and we will receive ingots.

If you had kinah in your account warehouse, that kinah is in bags (along with some gold ingots) in your account warehouse. Be careful to only remove that kinah/gold ingots on the character you want them on as kinah is no longer tradeable. 

Kinah is not tradeable and many new items are not tradeable. Make sure to look at the description of your items. Under the name it will tell you if it can be traded or not and if it can be sold on the broker or not. Some items are untradeable, but can be sold on the broker. At the bottom of the item description, it will tell you if the item can be stored in legion or account warehourses.

Skills were also recently reworked. Some of your skills were combined and some were removed completely. So you will have to look at your new skills and read the descriptions carefully to see what the new skills do.

If you are 65 already, you just need to go Enshar/Cygnea (depending on your race) and start questing. Do all the quest that you find as they will give you new gear. 

Good luck and welcome back.

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