This Friday I played 7 arena of disciplines, my total points are not accurate based on the points I was getting after each of the discipline matches. Here is some overview: Starting rating 2041.
1 match - Lost  -7
2 match - won +6
3 match - won +6
4 match - won +6
5 match - won +5
6 match - empty +1 (this never worked, you can ignore it)
7 match - empty +1 (this never worked, you can ignore it)
End rating 2045 - missing around 16 points.  After noticing that points not accurate, I created support ticket same day - since each person can see personal progress and there is no need to way when all rating is updated. Support asked to wait next day for ranks to be updated. No points yet. I updated support and now they told me to wait for maintenance. I have doubts that mait will do anything unless they recalculate points for everyone.  Did anyone else had this issue and how to approach support so they start looking into the issue?