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If I got lakrum gears before 7.0 will stats get update after 7.0 hits ?


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Lower level quest footwear are getting movement speed boosts.

  • Level 5+: 10%
  • Level 65: 11%
  • Level 70: 12%
  • Level 75: 13% (Lakrum)

Ancient Zenith / Winged Champion compensation gear have movement speed boosted from 9% to 10%:

114150067    rb_shoes_care_pve_a0_a_80a
114150068    rb_shoes_care_pvp_a0_a_80a

114350129    lt_shoes_care_pve_a0_a_80a
114350130    lt_shoes_care_pve_a0_a_80b
114350131    lt_shoes_care_pvp_a0_a_80a
114350132    lt_shoes_care_pvp_a0_a_80b

114550129    ch_shoes_care_pve_a0_a_80a
114550130    ch_shoes_care_pve_a0_a_80b
114550131    ch_shoes_care_pvp_a0_a_80a
114550132    ch_shoes_care_pvp_a0_a_80b

114650065    pl_shoes_care_pve_a0_a_80a
114650066    pl_shoes_care_pvp_a0_a_80a

The following level 45 tutorial accessories are now level 76 (base stat upped accordingly) and have Physical Attack, Magical Attack, PvE Attack, and PvE Defense:

120003096    earring_tutorial_pve_a0_a_45a
120003097    earring_tutorial_pve_a0_a_45b
121003096    necklace_tutorial_pve_a0_a_45a
121003097    necklace_tutorial_pve_a0_a_45b
122003096    ring_tutorial_pve_a0_a_45a
122003097    ring_tutorial_pve_a0_a_45b
123003096    belt_tutorial_pve_a0_a_45a
123003097    belt_tutorial_pve_a0_a_45b

Other than Lakrum quest gears and above, the stats on existing gears (particularly all legendary and ultimates) are not changing.

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There's a new dungeon in 7.0 called stella lab or something and even the "easy" mode drops really good new pve ult gear. I don't know exactly how easy it'll be but I'd get started on the pandora quest line (5 weeks to complete) so you'll have something to run with. For the new pvp gear I'd recommend just saving up your ap/ridium/genesis crystals/frags/enchant stones

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The stella easy mode youre not going to be able to run in pandora gear unless the other 5 people in your group carry you or for some reason you've been +15 the set. the thing for you is to run pf easy mode and idd since they are super easy and just get the old ultimate gear then run stella. IMO pandora gear is useless youll waste far too much kinah retuning and stones enchanting when you can get the pf and idd set in 7.0 very easily. If you want it for the skin thats up to you or if you want it to try to run pf now so you need less of the ultimate for next patch then do it but enchanting and doing stuff to non frostspark ultimate is a waste of time

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