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Is NCsoft west bad or Aion just a bad game ?


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I just recently downloaded NC launcher 2 which using to download BnS.The launcher is well done.There's a news about Unreal Engine 4 update coming next year.
I started wondering if NCsoft west is a bad company or they just investing their resource in the right game ?

-The BnS game downloading is extremely fast comparing to Aion downloader.I'm impressed.
-Aion developed and came out in bad timing ? Because CryEngine is old from 2004 it's old as much as Unreal Engine 2 which using in Lineage 2 when Aion released in 2009 they already released Unreal Engine 3 in 2007.
-Aion is either classic or modern game,Aion still having old combat system while a game like Tera using new combat system if you wanna completely overhaul the combat like Tera or BnS it's just taking time and resource as much as a new game.
-CryEngine limitation I think graphics like reflection of skins and hairs,blush,boobs physics (I found out a old game like Lineage 2 has boobs physics).Lightning,Transparent just can't implement on old engine such as CryEngine.If they wanna implement those things they have to change game engine.
-Aion take too much requirement of PC to playable but worse graphics than a game like BnS.

If you wanna fix all of this it's just making a new game.

That's what I trying to understand NCsoft west why they abandoned Aion.They didn't suck at manage games but they choose to ignore Aion purposely.

Thank you.

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BnS gets more attention from NCWest because it reaches more players and it makes more money. The more attention they give it, the more players it reaches and the more money it makes. Aion gets less attention that BnS because it has fewer players and makes less money. The less attention they give to it, the less players it reaches and the less money it makes. It's a self fulfilling prophecy that isn't likely to change.

Aion was released in NA in 2009. BnS was released in NA in 2016. It's hardly shocking that a newer game has a better engine.

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