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So i read on forum new event next week. So we still have time to ask.



and fighting spirit. Not speaking for now, but for next patch.

I compare the legendary gear t1 to t2. And new gear will be better, unless we would be able to actually purify-enchant them as the ultimate T1 +15. And without event its almost impossible (if u cant count with lucky.)

Example recently i was enchant my wings-shield-mace legendary to +15 and now i am struggling if i should purify or not. If i do i would be spending alot more. if i dont all the ultimate i used around 5 to 7 and who knows how many legendary was for nothing. And thats so depressing. 


 I know many will complain and say we dont need, and its all qq 

but for those we still have legendary item and they are +13-15 i think u may undertand this feeling.

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18 minutes ago, Win-KT said:

 I know many will complain and say we dont need, and its all qq 

Actually I don't think anyone will. In fact, I will be surprised if one single person disagrees with the fact that we desperately need legendary and ultimate pvp stones and fighting spirit fragments. We've needed a LOT more of them for a LONG time.

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NCWest used to have an unwritten policy about not putting PvP only items in events that didn't involve PvP. They did bend that policy now and again, but shied away from outright breaking it.

Now that we have PvP stones craft-able in luna, I don't see any reason why we can't get have PvP enchantment stones and fighting spirits or even genesis crystals in events. 

Would be super helpful to -all- players.

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guess it wasn't that strict!
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