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Weapon speed does matter ? (Templar)


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I've got this question in my mind ever since my doubt with templar's punishment which requires to use great sword or sword/shield which has better attack speed.

To be honest I can't tell the different between them :D
They both seem as fast as equally.

Well thing is I got callous strike so I don't need to proc block on shield to use break power.
My skills are never run out on both sword/shield or great sword.

So what I'll pick ? I choose great sword because dps on sword/shield will be nerf with incoming 7.0 (nerf dmg of bloodwind slash)
Punishment will be upgrade to 15 seconds cd even punishment damage is rng but a lot of times I did a great damage with it if I don't use punishment at all I'll lose damage with 7.0.

I don't have a spear on my glad yet but I guess I can't tell different between them but I'm leaning to spear because it does look better than great sword :P


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Off topic a bit about SW

I testing between cast speed vs attack speed transform (don't have hybrid yet).
Found out I didn't really noticed attack speed that much but I noticed faster with cast speed.
Because I weaving with pulse.

A bit weird but yeah I love cast speed o_o


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About bard again I've tested 21% cast,21% attack and 11/9 transform.

The attack speed is clearly inferior and worst next is 11/9 and best is 21% cast.
Here's the reasons why I think why result went this way.

-I weaving every skill excepted instant one with pulse which made cast speed becoming major help on this.
-I use harpist's pod as first skill because it reduced magic defense and I use it instantly because non charged version isn't bad at all.
-My first custom chain filled with 3 charging skills + 1 sec casting time skills
-I put bright strike(instant chain) as last skill on my chain which rarely chance to use it.(The reason I put it last because I don't think they doing good damage and it has slow animation)

It's just what I believed for myself. :)

I still highly recommended you to test each transform for yourself your result may different than mine.
But at this moment I must say cast is all the way for bard. :D

A bit info about cleric if you ain't healing and purely dps attack speed is all the way to go :)

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Something misconception about attack speed,ping and charging skills.

Attack speed will not help you spam skills faster directly,what it will does is speed up animation of skills and allow you use next skill faster.
Ping does not speed up skill animations but it help you spam skills faster,the lower your ping is the faster you can spam skills.
Charging skills for Gunner and AT does not affected by cast speed neither it will reduce charging time it only affected by attack speed like it does for normal skills it just speed up animation of skills faster.

Thank you for reading :)

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Ok I got frigida transform(23attack/17cast) today o-o
I tested it on my sorc,sm,sw,gunner the result is astonishing.

Sorc - faster spamming wind spear can chain skills like flame harpoon faster also fasten freezing wind very satisfied more than pure cast(But then again pure cast I got is ancient so I can't really tell the different until I got 27% or 35% cast time)
SM - a lot faster soul torrent skill chaining is faster I actually run out of skills with the transform :)
SW - Best experience ever best combination of attack and cast speed I actually run out of skills on SW for the first time.
Gunner - I'm not sure how to tell I got ancient 21% and this 23% both capped attack speed but somehow frigida feels like it charging a bit faster it's just a feeling tho o_o maybe it's from attack speed I'm not sure :/

I give this frigida A+ grade best non ultimate transform you can ever get.Balance of both worlds recommended for sorc,sm,cleric and sw.



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