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Since we cant reply on the old one 


i ll write it here, u say its not cool to spam like that, but it was the ONLY way we  could get ur attention for the past month about this. Why cant inform us? Say we dont plan on make any good event ever for you guys u can shut up now, or say yea we ll make one. But dont just ignore us like that. The game isnt a famous one for u to ignore the playerbase that love the game.

For the past month i been writting on forum asking for event reward. Alot people replyin saying why we need.

We can give u real feedback. Who better than us to inform u about what the game needs?

We dont hate you guys, we just want attention to Na AION. Thats why we ask listen to us, listen to what we have to say

I ll explain how the event wont hurt p2w. Think about the last good one we had it. The shugo one, alot people p2w for kaisinel, the f2p got their legendary everyone wins.

If you make an event for legendary/ultimate pvp stones, players who spend cash on game will spend on the event for it. F2P  players will have a chaneg to upgrade gear.

But if u dont lets take a look at the game. Lets assume there is around. 2-3 groups of full gear people each server-faction, we have an window of 5hrs, We only have 2 server how will the players who p2w the game enjoy it? If they dont have anyone to fight instead of undergear players-dodges and sometimes premades.

They will get bored and quit. 

But if u manage to equip the majority of the players, THEN you will have a game alive and give a reason for ur p2w players keep spending on it.

Anyway thats why pretty much what needed to be said. I hope you do read and reply us about this matter. 

*also to explain why everyone is mad, is because EU have 7.0 so we do know its close. And we need something to be prepare for it, and when u said ~new event next week, we were really hoping for it. What happen was dissapointed so everyone raged and spam on forum


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