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Faster Crafting Please


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Can we have the crafting done faster? At least the materials. Back in 5.8 we could trade materials and we could have plenty of people crafting for the same cause, now that mats are untradeable, brokering to our alts to help craft materials faster is a hard thing to do with a big cost and thus we have to leave our main character crafting slowly thousands of materials only to hit a few final items.

One material craft takes 4 seconds!!! And we need thousands to craft and succeed in a masterwork. Can we make material crafting last 1 second instead of 4 at least?

The time it takes to craft has absolutely no effect other than having to leave your character afk crafting which doesn't necessarily serve any purpose other than server load (lol in a dead server, not a problem). I just do not see the reason to have crafting SO slow.

1) People who reach 300 aetherforging can now craft faster (everything or at least the materials)
2) Via a consumable (buff/food/scroll or a crafting supplement or whatever) you can craft much faster on demand
3) Items and normal crafts can craft slowly, but materials could be 4x faster.

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